Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Announcing the Publication of Long Term Care

In 2010 estate taxes are eliminated. This means that an estate valued at eighteen and a half million dollars would be worth seven million dollars more if the holder died in 2010 than if he died in 2009. In many books seven million dollars is enough to kill for. In this story it’s enough to make a dead person live.

The book is a mystery - but not a thriller. Quickly you will know the villain. Will he succeed?

Growing alongside the plot are three love stories: Josie and Erik, young married lovers; Alexa, one of the heroines who is pursued by two handsome guys, and an improbable relationship developing between two elderly rejects from society.

This book has a character-driven plot rich in the sociological details of Southern cultures.

To find the book, search Amazon.com for Kindle books/Long Term Care Olson. Also visit my new WEB page, longtermcareolson.weebly.com to see the first three chapters and pictures posted about characters and beautiful Rock Hill, oops, I mean beautiful Red Rock, South Carolina.

Please come along and make friends with a variety of characters and explore the minds and hearts of real Southerners.

I invite (beg?) you to lift this announcement and put it on your own Facebook/WEB /Blog Pages.

I’d love for you to write reviews for Amazon.com and also for my WEB page.

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